Day 17

Today I will be spending time on creating a topic list. Coming up with a new topic on the spot each day is a challenge.

Last night the blog section of the website has been indexed by Google. So now people can actually start finding my deepest and darkest secrets online. ?

Yesterday I made a proposal together with some new colleagues for the new project I was talking about a few days ago.

Today might be the day that they tell me that the project is on and that we will start next Monday. ?

The topic of today is:
Character traits

We’re gonna do an exercise!

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Day 16

Today is gonna be a bit different again 😀

Yep I like switching things up.

One of my greatest skills besides sleeping is letting things go. So today I’ll share a little about the art of letting go.

Tim Ferriss calls this the monkey mind. Lets dose the monkey so we can do other stuff instead of monkey sitting.

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Day 13

I actually wanted to do the book review today but I’m at a client right now so I’ll do it tomorrow when I actually have the book on hand!

Instead I will tell you how I “got” this current client. It isn’t 100% official yet but the story is a great example of reciprocity at its full power which I strongly believe in.

So what is reciprocity?


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Day 11

I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing ?

Feels like the quality is improving bit by bit.

As I told you yesterday I did a workshop on habits called Habitualized Success. Setting yourself up for success through habits.

Today I will give you the workshop through this blog. I will actually split it up in multiple posts because it’s a lot of information. And! I want you to think about the exercises a bit longer. Let it marinate in your brain 🙂

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Day 10

It’s already day 10. Ten blogposts in the pocket! Self-five! ✋

Yesterday I added a new page with advertisement options on this site it’s in the main menu. So if you’d like to become a part of Freedom in Two go there and create a win-win situation. I get a little closer to my goal and you get some publicity.

On to the topic of today.

How did I come up with the idea of Freedom in Two. I briefly touched on it before but there’s actually more! Last month I went on the Nomad Cruise and it was such an amazing experience. Will talk about that another time. Right now I want to focus on one of the epiphanies I had there on the cruiseship. ?

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Day 9


Since I didn’t have much time yesterday and a lack of inspiration the post was a bit dull but today I’ll make it up to you 😀

This is not the weirdest story yet! Will share more craziness later on.

There were a few inflection points in the Rising Step (my company) history. Lemme tell you about one of them.

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Day 8

So.. I’ve released the hounds! As I’m writing this I’ve shared the first 7 days and I will continue to release a new one every day now that there’s a solid base.

I have not yet gotten any responds and I’m not planning on trying to get this viral because it’s still pretty fresh for me and I still feel really embarrassed at this point. Over time this will fade and I will have to answer people that will ask me about this.

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