Day 27

I have bad spending habits because of debt.

In the past I have never really had any debt. I was a saver. When I started my company I had just toured through Florida for a month and when I came back I still had just a little over € 10.000 saved up to start my company.

I was good with money! Not an investor but I always had more than enough money.

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Day 26

Today I will give you a brief overview of what my life looked like when I was still employed and paying off debt.

I made around € 2.400 a month net income including travel expenses.

This is actually below average of what people in my profession made.

Yep, that’s what app developers look like!

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Day 25

Wow day 25! I can’t believe I’ve done 1 blogpost every day for 25 days even though this is my first time blogging.

Let me tell ya! Some days are easier than others.

Today I had a conversation with someone from a debt help service and they said that they will make sure the debt gets paid off in 3 years. And that they can’t take me on as a client because I don’t have a continuous income.

The thing is… I can never guarantee that. In fact almost no one can predict the coming 3 years. Yeah you can have some false sense of security by having a contract at a company but they can terminate it at any time.

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Day 24

Today I shall share my financial freedom masterplan! Muhuhhaahahaaahahaaa

So whats my plan?

Well, yeah, kinda, one small step a time.


  1. Financial stability
  2. Financial freedom
  3. World domination

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Day 23

Yesterday I went to the ITNext Summit in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

It was totally rad!

For me it was a great opportunity to socialize with people in my field of expertise and every other trending topic at the moment.

The main topic were:

  • Blockchain
  • VR/ AR/ MR/ XR
  • Security
  • Deep learning

Buzzwords ftw!

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Day 20

Damn 20 days in already. Time sure flies.

I’m still as motivated as on day 1 to keep this project going.

On the surface nothing seems to have changed over the past 20 days but a lot of seeds have been planted and are starting to sprout.

Right now I have 5 potential projects I can start to work on soon and combined it will be between: € 10.000 and € 50.000

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Day 19

Money is a funny concept.

Everyone has a different view on it. Lots of people have “false” beliefs on it.

Today I’ll show 10 beliefs about money that don’t serve you and how you should change it to helpful beliefs.

I am where I am today because I don’t have the right mindset about money yet. So I’m not preaching this as truth or things that I think on a daily basis but see it as part of my research to reaching financial freedom in two years.

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