Day 182

The number of one of my all-time favorite bands

Blink 182 šŸ¤ŸšŸ¤Ÿ

What a busy day yesterday was. Lots of meetings and the hardest part was doeing my part of the developer assessment.

Someone did it and I needed to grade it and decide if it was good enough.

It wasn’t so I had a hard time coming up with a message that would encourage the developer to go even harder!

Don’t know if that worked.

Hope so.

Today Iā€™m getting more money! And I havent even spent my previous money yet.

This is incredible!

I vowed that I would always have enough money from now on and its all working out.

Heard about the power of vowing before and I still have to test it more. So far so good šŸ˜„

I got to do some stuff! See you guys tomorrow!

Daily balance:

Expenses yesterday:
ā‚¬ 0,00

ā‚¬ 0,00

Income yesterday:
ā‚¬ 0,00

Combined balance personal and business account:
ā‚¬ 634,21

ā€“ IRS: ā‚¬Ā 46.534,16
ā€“ Business: ā‚¬Ā 19.892,82
ā€“ Personal: Ā ā‚¬Ā 6.368,77

Total Debt:
ā‚¬ 72.795,75

Net worth day 182:
ā€“ ā‚¬ 72.161,24

ā‚¬Ā 21.280


Currently reading this financial book:

The Thank You Economy

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