Day 196

Tomorrow I will dedicate to creating a new podcast episode! This is the first day that I won’t have the Police so lets do something productive for you guys for a change 🙂

I’ll also try to get as many blog posts online as I can. I’m about 20 posts behind or something.

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Day 195

This weekend was awesome and short and it ended on a high. 

I tanned for hours on the beach yesterday with my ex and it was a pretty cheap day considering the weather. 

Brought a lot of stuff to the beach and didnt really need to buy anything. 

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Day 191

Wow great day.

Told you about the interview yesterday and it was amazing. 

During the interview I was actually wondering yeah this is where it all started. 

In a few years we’re gonna look back on this moment knowing that we created pure awesomeness together. 

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Day 190

Restless vs Calm

Every now and then I still feel the need to search for something.

Like the feeling that you need to do more or create more. Be more productive. 

But I’ve already found it. Most of us actually already have but we’ve either forgotten it or aren’t patient enough to stick with it. 

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Day 189

We’re growing like crazy here at the kids game company.

So much fun to see things grow and get new people on board. 

One started last week. Today another one started and probably a growth hacker will start somewhere next week. And to top that all off I might have found a replacement for myself that I will have a conversation with in two days. 

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