Day 7

So one thing I haven’t shared yet and what’s pretty significant. How much do I spend each month on my home, utilities, shopping, etc. For a reaaaal basic lifestyle I need about € 1.400 a month and that’s including health care insurance. This is really basic believe me. If I wanted to live like a normal person I would easily go over 2k without buying extra luxury stuff.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I think I’m overspending on my rent right now. All-in my house is € 825 a month. That’s with energy, water and internet.

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Day 6

Tomorrow is the big day. I will release these blogposts on Tuesday 31st of October 2017.

Just following up some advice I’ve heard a lot for podcasts. Don’t start with just one episode but do three to five instead at once so it looks like you’ve been busy for a while and that you’re not a onetime podcaster only.

On the other hand it’s still scary as $#!7 and this prolongs the actual posting a bit. Damn I hope this feeling will dissipate soon. I feel sovulnerable and scared.

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Day 5

Today is my moms 60th birthday!! Damn… She really doesn’t look the part. At least 20 years younger.

Today is gonna be so much fun!

This has been a little tricky lately. Buying presents for people when you only have a few bucks in your account.

I try to get as resourceful as possible. Either give them something that I find very valuable but is not that expensive. Or find a way to “beat” the system.

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Day 4

Today is a good day! It’s Saturday which always means. No one is out to get me (read: my money) today 😀

I’ve never had a collector on my doorstep on a Saturday in 4 years so yeah I’m f-ing enjoying every minute of it.

You know what’s nice about this challenge and using this blog as my personal therapist. Whenever I hear my doorbell ring I’m actually excited!

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Day 3

One thing that I’ve haven’t even mentioned so far is a really weird spiritual experience I had about one and a half year ago at my parents house.

Believe me it’s relevant to this story 🙂

I was stressing out over how I had to carry on and how to get rid of this massive amount of debt. I really didn’t know what to do. I was dogsitting at my parents house and I decided to do a meditation to get clarity on this impedement in my life.

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Day 2

So I’m actually really excited to write about this today. Even though it sucks big time I feel amazing just doing this.

Just got an email from the landlordlady that I haven’t paid my rent AGAIN even though this was actually the first time that I haven’t paid it on time since I live here (november 2016). Somehow these emails always have to contain threats… If you don’t answer to this email I will come to your house to see if you still live there and if you don’t pay now I will send it to a collectors agency and you can pay all those costs as well and handle it with them.

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Day 1

New project: Freedom in Two (years)

Starting today I’m gonna show the dark side of my life that I’ve only ever discussed with the people closest to me.

I will peel back all the layers and be as transparant as possible about everything in my life.

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