Day 189

We’re growing like crazy here at the kids game company.

So much fun to see things grow and get new people on board. 

One started last week. Today another one started and probably a growth hacker will start somewhere next week. And to top that all off I might have found a replacement for myself that I will have a conversation with in two days. 

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Day 188

I’m totally back in the upw setting ?

Didn’t go but I still have the after shock. 

Super nice because I can totally relate to everyone that went. 

Became a part of a couple of upw facebook groups and can just feel that energy of last year. 

Still dont understand how some people are reluctant to join the conversation after having experienced that!

Got another nice letter that I posted two weeks ago. 

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Day 184

Almost Kingsday here in the Netherlands. 

Tonight there’s kingsnight and all the big cities will explode. It will be gezellig and super busy. Looking forward to it!

Usually these days will be pretty expensive as well and I’ve got it all covered. 

Btw this is another train chronicle post ?

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